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HSO Lemon Juice Express Auto
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Autoflowering seed
20% Sativa / 80% Indica
Comprehensive life cycle:
65-70 days
Indoor yield:
1-2 oz/plant
Outdoor yield:
1-3+ oz/plant
Outdoor height:
2-4+ ft
The heart of a champion

All the traits of a great strain within an autoflowering

Lemon Juice Express Auto is a cannabis seed of specific and peculiar origins, as it comes from the legendary Jack Herer and a Haze Auto. It develops a beautiful plant, sometimes slender considering it is an autoflowering strain and gives off a pleasant citrus scent that comes mainly from its dense buds. This strain is much appreciated because of its flavour and aroma, as it makes you feel as though you were savouring a lemon sweet.

Genuine lemon flavour and aroma

A true delicacy for cannabis gourmets

Lemon Juice Express Auto has a pleasant flavour that stays true to the original with its dominating hints of lemon. The long-lasting intense effect is invigorating and lucid, obviously cerebral. An interesting option for cannabis connoisseurs.