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Sativa Dominant Product infomation
1st prize Medical, High Life Cup Amsterdam 2014
ComPassion is a Sativa dominant CBD-rich variety made by crossing a Nepalese strain with an un-named sativa. This is Dutch Passion’s first independently bred CBD rich variety.  Levels of around 7-12% of both CBD and THC are typical.  Plants grow to medium hight and offer medium/above average yields of resinous and aromatic cannabis.  At the end the leaves show long slender fingers.

Despite being CBD-rich some users report strong effects from ComPassion.  Cannabis (or concentrates) produced from this variety should have a roughly 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD.  Although ComPassion has been developed primarily with medical users in mind, we get positive feedback from recreational cannabis users who enjoy the paranoia-free strong body stone without a strong THC ‘high'.   It’s a smooth, anti-anxiety, long lasting and enjoyable experience which allows you to function well and at the same time enjoy pain relief and tranquility. ComPassion is a reliable producer of CBD-rich cannabis with good customer feedback, highly recommended.